SPE “Monstera”, among other things, is a direct investment fund, focusing its activities mainly in the Western region, but not limited to it. Historically, the Company has four businesses in a management portfolio. At the same time, there is a constant search and consideration of new directions and sectors for investment.

SPE “Monstera” is a guide of a capital to private business units and is directly involved in their management and development. Today, these clients are four main “consumers” of investment:

Group of Companies “Galychyna-Vapno” (Galych town) – lime production

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Без-назви-3The Group of Companies “Galychyna-Vapno” mines limestone and burns lime in shaft furnaces using natural gas and petroleum coke.

For the production of lime the company uses limestone from Stryganetskyi deposit. In 2009 the company obtained a license for commercial production of limestone from Stryganetskyi quarry for a period until 2029.

The production process takes place in furnaces with a total capacity over 100 tons/day. The process involves experienced professionals, whose work is coordinated to automatism. The result of work is the quality lime, which characteristics correspond to the technological requirements of various sectors of its use.

The Group of Companies “Galychyna-Vapno” takes a leading position in the free market of lime in the Western region of the country. Emergency political and economic situation in the East, that made obstacles in the work of many lime producers of the Eastern region, played a catalytic role for activity of the company “Galychyna-Vapno”, expanding the market and geography of sales of its products.

Contact person: Mrs. Kubyk Mariya
Address: 76000, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Galych town,
32А, Vitovsky Street
Tel: +38 050 4387162
E-mail: tk-kmm@dubnoinvest.com


Group of Companies Ternopilskyi Karyer” (Ternopil city) – limestone mining

Без-назви-2PJSC “Ternopilskyi Karyer” is well known in the regions of Ukraine as a miner of natural material, “white stone” – limestone, a supplier of crushed limestone of various fractions and a manufacturer of mineral powder.

The company is engaged in development of open deposits of limestone with its further processing into construction and other kinds of materials.

The company owns six functional quarries in Ternopil region. Halushchynetskyi quarry is situated in Pidvolochynsk district, Staro-Zbarazkyi and Maksymivskyi quarries – in Zbarazh district, Skala-Podilkyi quarry – in Borshchiv district. Sand quarries – Chernyhivetskyi and Chystylivskyi – are located in Zbarazh and Ternopil districts respectively.

Limestone mined by PJSC “Ternopilskyi Karyer” is used by the domestic enterprises of sugar, construction, energy sectors, fluxing limestone is used in the steel and silicate industry, limestone powder is used in road-building sector, production of building materials, poultry breeding, etc.

In March 2014 PJSC “Ternopilskyi Karyer” has received a certificate for quality management system ISO 9001:2009, becoming one of the few players in the market of carbonate raw materials, which could provide the appropriate level of production quality and services for certification.

Contact person: Mr. Misiuk Oleh
Address: 47372, Ternopil region, Zbarazh district,
v. Maksymivka, Old Maksymivka Street, 29

Tel: +38 050 4431734
E-mail: oleg.misiuk@dubnoinvest.com


Group of CompaniesUkrmilkinvest” (Zdolbuniv district) – dairy cattle farming

Без-назви-1The Group of Companies “Ukrmilkinvest” is a holding company that unites enterprises of Rivne region and is specialized in dairy cattle farming. The Holding Enterprises lease approximately 1.5 thousand hectares of land in Rivne region, which is enough to create fodder base for keeping of two thousand cattle animals.

The strategic plan for development of the company provides attracting of investments in the international financial markets, introduction of advanced technologies for maintenance and development of dairy herd, increase in productivity and economic efficiency.

Contact person: Mr. Ozhybko Yaroslav
Address: 35342, Rivne region, Rivne district,
v. Bila Krynycia, Sadova Street, 1A

Tel: +38 050 969 6836
E-mail: ojm@dubnoinvest.com


Group of Companies «Еcо Relax» (Dubno city) – agro, tourism


The direction develops such areas — environmental business, agro and rural tourism.

It consists of 14 companies, including hotels, restaurants, warehouses, garages and offices (provided in the lease of own real property), recreation complexes TV and Radio Company and others.

The activity of Companies «Eco Relax» focused on the following areas:

  • hotel and restaurant business
  • Eco-Farms
  • Real Estate
  • Recreation complexes

One of the largest companies of direction are hotel-restaurant complexes «Dubno» and «Kremin», detailed information on which are available on sites http://hotel-dubno.com.uahttp://kremin-hotel.com.ua

Contact person: Mrs. Harchenko Galina
Address: 35600, Rivne region,  Dubno
7, D. Galician Street
Tel: +38 099 031 6250
E-mail: hgi@dubnoinvest.com