• Cooperation with foreign funds
• Intermediary services for foreign investors (market insight, activities experience)

“Monstera” is a partner and mediator in attracting of foreign investment that can provide the scope and pace of restructuring and integration of markets. The use of foreign investment provides access to modern technology and management, facilitates to modernize the markets; supports macroeconomic stabilization; contributes to the solution of number of business issues. Today it is clear that the problem of attracting foreign investment has become increasingly important, and, therefore, there is a need for spreading of appropriate tools to network the foreign investment environment and domestic business.

The Management of SPE “Monstera” has the experience in unmediated attracting of foreign direct investment in the vast size and wide-established ties with foreign investment and business environment. And, most importantly, the Company has the appropriate skills and techniques to attract investment, which is ready to share with interested representatives of local business.

On the other hand, SPE “Monstera” may act as an intermediary for the representatives of foreign investment funds and other potential investors interested in business development in Ukraine. For this purpose, the Company is ready to present reviews of promising markets and niches of the domestic economy, and act as a guide during the entire search and negotiation cycle to enter into a real business.