SPE “Monstera” is the managerial company, that exists in the market since 2011. The Company’s basic principles of business provide it successful activity and sustainable development.

Our core competencies:

  • investing in interesting and perspective business ideas — is the fund of private equity;
  • consulting/advisory services;
  • organization of cooperation with foreign funds.

Professional and efficient team of professionals and managers provide high-quality services, in particular, it helps the companies and enterprises to achieve maximum business performance.

SPE “Monstera” – an important and indispensable in activity of client companies, because as long as there is a competition, strategy should be the focus of attention.

  • The CCS finds well thought out and reasoned decisions in how to direct specific activity and how the company should work.
  • The activity of “Monstera” involves finding and developing of individual and unique way of competition, which enables a client company to build an activity of its pricing (production) policy in the individual, unique way.
  • The Company clearly defines the goals and expectations of the business as for employees, so for investors, as well as allows to see the client’s place in the market of future, where he (the client) will succeed due to a developed business strategy.